Sassy Cheryl - Sponsor of the week at PPCF

I love giving here is a big hug to all of you!  And a big hug to Sassy Cheryl for being our Sponsor of the week over at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends this week!  Make sure to jump over and join if you are not already a member.  She has a wonderful discount for members only.

I abosultely love Sassy Cheryl Illustrations!  There is something about all of them that pulls at my heart strings.   I just love this one Arms Wide Open.....Is she excited to see a friend or getting ready to give a great big hug!  So many uses for this image.

Power Poppy Dahlia Clear Stamp

Hello Power Poppy Fans!  Today I bring you Dahlia XL Clear Stamp.  I do a lot of work with digital images yes.  But, I do love my stamps as I can still create a clean and simple layout by only using a portion of the stamp.

Once I have my layout, it is time to color.  I start with the background.  In this instance I used R00.  I used blender marker to create the circles.  I outlined them with the same marker to make them pop.
I moved to the flowers.  For this, I used R12, 32, 35 with a red and black multiliner, white polychrome pencil and a deep red polychrome pencil. When I was happy with the results I stamped the sentiment.

For the final touch,  I took a bottle of 100 Copic Refill and dropped 2 drops onto a palette.  I spritz my fan brush with blending solution until it was nice and juicy.  Dabbed it in the ink and gently tapped the brush to leave a little splatter.

It turned out to be a very nice clean and simple card!

Cheers from Vanilla Arts

Cheers from Vanilla Arts! I have chosen Vanilla Arts as the exclusive online classes of Passionate Paper Creations and Friends.  Amy has education in art and draws her own images.  She also does a monthly Power Poppy Live Class on Patron.  She is truly talented.  she has beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

I have to admit that as a teacher myself, it was so awesome to become the student!  Talk about therapy!  And taking me outside my comfort zone...I am addicted because I found it to be so therapeutic for me.  Did I do it exactly like Amy did?  No.  Did I use the same colored pencils?  No.  Did I highlight the exact same way she did? No.  But, it is the fundamentals and the concepts of what she was teaching. I do not want to color exactly like another person.  I am me and I color like me. 

I can certainly see my errors in shading.  And that is good because I learned something.  Actually, I learned a lot.  So, basically, I found my therapy!  It coloring something I wouldn't normally color and in a way, I wouldn't normally do it.  It is awesome!

So Cheers!  

Whimsey - Large Mouth Bass

What guy wouldn't want to catch these Large Mouth Bass!  You can make it easy for him and just stamp and color it up.  You can get it at Whimsy Stamps!  

I am excited to be teaching this card in a class called "Oh Man!" at Inspiration Station on June 15th.  For more information please visit my live class schedule

Thank you so much for visiting today.

Connecticut Class are just 10 days away!!!

I am really looking forward to visiting and teaching these classes at
Inspirations Station
13 Furnace Ave, Stafford Springs, CT 06076
 (860) 684-2641 - call to reserve your space

Wow....this is happening in 10 days!!!!!!!!  Call quick and reserve you seat!  Spaces are limited.  Only a few spots left. 

Unbreakable Bond - New Release by Whimsy

Unbreakable Bond is right.  This amazing clear stamp set is new by Whimsy Stamps.  It is so awesome.  I mean seriously GiGi is my 2lb shadow.  I swear if I leave the room she is hot on my heals.  If I lay down, she lays down.  If I am sitting up she is in my lap or at my feet under my desk.

I swear she watches me out of the corner of her eye even when she is playing with her tons of toys.  And yes even at 2lbs she will protect  she will bark so loud your eardrums will burst.

The background is actually a background stamp from Whimsy with a coordinating stamp set.  This little set allows you to customize your background however you like.   It is truly a must-have!

Let's Be Mermaids! - New Release by Whimsy

New From Whimsy!
Nerissa The Mermaid

Wouldn't you love being a mermaid even for a day!  Ok, maybe not.  But this image reminds me of our many Maui trips and snorkeling just off the beach in the coral reefs.  There is this one cave where a very old sea turtle lives.   I call him/her Kevin.  Every year I swim to that area and see Kevin and swim with it.  It is the most amazing feeling.  My arms can barely reach from on side of the shell to the other.  That is how big and old this turtle is.  One year, a very young turtle followed Kevin into it's cave.  
So This image reminds me of swimming with Kevin the Sea Turtle!  Isn't Kevin just beautiful!


Penguin Magic - New Release by Whimsy

How about a little magic from the cutest penguin!  Penguin Magic is new from Whimsy. 

Love Chrissy's Penguins!  Her penguins have so many personalities but this spoke to me.  What a perfect birthday card.  or you could put a sentiment that reads...put a little magic in your world.  So many different things can be done with this image.