Whimsy - Penguin Swings

Hello and welcome to another Whimsy Stamps day with Rhea.  This time I am using a digi stamp called Penguin Swings.

I also used Shaker Maker Banner Die Set to put the image on.  The sentiment is from Everyday Mini Sentiments and the Butterfly is from a die set, Shaker Maker Combo Set.  Seriously, I love the penguins from Whimsy.  They just make me smile.

Whimsy Hydrangea

Hello, oh my hydrangeas!  Yes, I am here to share with you another beautiful class card going to Maryland in August.  This is going to be so much fun....it's always fun at Photo Scraps. 

Whimsy Stamps Hydrangea Cluster is awesome, created by DoveArt Studios, they are large and in charge! Easy to color and stunning no matter how you do them!  I even added Whimsy dies, clouds and grass set.  Oh and I also used the Checkered Background Stamp!  OMG...it is a must have!

Whimsy Harvest Wreath

Hello and welcome to Whimsy Stamps New Release Week.  As you know Release week starts on the 1st of each month and ends on the 5th.  So be sure to visit the link above to see everything new!

Today, I am sharing Harvest Wreath from Whimsy Stamps.

I also used a New die set Shaker Triangles, which can be located on  Whimsy Stamps New Release Week on the website and Stitched Border Trio. The Sentiments are below in the shopping list. 

Thanks for stopping by today for both my post for these beautiful new product releases. 

Whimsy Sunflower

Hello and welcome to Whimsy Stamps New Release Week.  As you know Release week starts on the 1st of each month and ends on the 5th.  So be sure to visit the link above to see everything new!

Today, I am sharing Sunflower from Whimsy Stamps.

I added a couple of stencils from the Whimsy Collection to add interest to this card design.  They are, 

Farmhouse Greenery Stencil, and Pinwheels Stencil.  I colored the image with Copic Markers and Prisma Pencils. 

Whimsy - Flower Puff Background Stamp - OH MY!

Welcome to the kick off of Whimsy Stamps Release Week!  When I saw this background stamp my eyes bugged right out of my head!  It's called Flower Puff Background.  

You know what?  You could also color it to look like succulents in beautiful shades of greens!!!!  Yeah, didn't have time to do that. This image was cut out by one die set, Shaker Maker Combo Die Set .  Every other layer is popped up for dimension. 

I used just a few colors and it really was fast coloring.
BV20, R35 (just a touch) R32, R30, E74 and a yellow pencil here and there.  Over the yellow pencil, I put a touch of Yellow Bird Nuvo Glitter Drops.

Vanilla Arts - Gray Matter

What do you do on a rainy Sunday when you have classes to design, deadlines and so many things on your to-do list? 
Kick it, and Color Cherries with Amy Shulke at Vanillaarts@teahable.com. Yup, I did exactly what she said....go by what I see and use the colors I want. So, did mine turn out like hers....nope, nada, not at all. But that's cool, right Amy?
Gray Matters

I will be honest and admit at first I hesitated to take this class.  I thought to myself, self, these are cherries and I've colored cherries before.  But was I wrong!  I've always liked combining my Copics and Colored Pencils but after a couple of classes with Amy, I am addicted.  There are things you can do by adding you colored pencils you would never accomplish with your Copic Markers.  Or you could but it would take you hours and so many colors. 

Ok, I admit this took me a couple of hours but I was playing around with the pencils.  I was getting the feel and the blending just right.  I was studying the picture and my work while watching Amy work.  

Once again, being the student vs. the teacher is so awesome!  And therapeutic for me.  I don't even care if they are perfect.  I see my flaws and yes red is hard to work with, even in pencils.  But I learned several things and that is what is important!

Thinking of You

This week continues with Sassy Cheryl as Sponsor of the week at 

If you hop over to the group and join you will get a special discount to Sassy Cheryl's Illustrations!  

Ummmm Yeah, that face!  So here is my plan.  Here is Sweet Sally Sits In Wonder image, she is only colored in Copic.  She is still on my desk because I am going to add some fine detailing to show you what a difference colored pens and pencils can make to an image.  I am also going to show you what a wow factor cast shadows will add to your image.  

So this same post will return with an enhanced version of Sweet Sally in the next few days!

Embrace Your Individuality

This week continues with Sassy Cheryl as Sponsor of the week at 

If you hop over to the group and join you will get a special discount to Sassy Cheryl's Illustrations!

You are probably looking at this ladybug, and thinking to yourself, "what in the world was she thinking?"  "Was she coloring in the dark?"
Nope!  I was not coloring in the dark.  One of the greatest thing about coloring is....you can make it your own!  I tell my students to "own it", "get after it", "don't be afraid of colors" Well I think I accomplished all three of those things right here.

Now, if this bug came after me!  I would run like hell!  But on paper, it is totally adorable.  I love this card and, I truly believe in the sentiment.

Whimsey's DoveArt Studios Garden Chair

Hello again and welcome back!  I have another great Whimsy Stamp to share today, Garden Chair.  Isn't it just like the garden from your grandmothers.  It is a place I would like to sit in the shade and read a book.

You will see a lot more of Whimsy from me as I stay on another term.  I love them so much Denise my have to hog tie me to get me out!  Whimsy truly has something for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Sassy Cheryl - Sponsor of the week at PPCF

I love giving hugs.....so here is a big hug to all of you!  And a big hug to Sassy Cheryl for being our Sponsor of the week over at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends this week!  Make sure to jump over and join if you are not already a member.  She has a wonderful discount for members only.

I abosultely love Sassy Cheryl Illustrations!  There is something about all of them that pulls at my heart strings.   I just love this one Arms Wide Open.....Is she excited to see a friend or getting ready to give a great big hug!  So many uses for this image.