Maynard2 by Whimsy

Hello friends, Today is a Whimsy Stamps Day.  With Maynard, by DoveArt.  Now Maynard is the sweetest bear ever and I personally adore him.  I have taught this bear in many classes.  I can honestly tell you this stamp will be a keeper for years to come.  You will color him for Christmas, Birthdays, Get Well's, or just because.  And the most fun is his hat.  Coloring that stocking cap is fun!
Oh wait, Congrats its a girl or boy!  Maynard is so versatile for any occasion. 

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Bad Doggie by Whimsy

Hello,  Isn't Bad Doggy just adorable!  Well, he is going to be in one of my Whimsy Classes at Photo Scraps August 24, 25, 26th.  You can click on the live class tab at the top of my blog to get all the information.  It's going to be an amazing weekend at Photo Scraps in Maryland. 

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Apple Branch New From Whimsy

Wow, It's time for the Whimsy Stamps August Release Week!  August?  Really?  Wow, this year has gone by so fast.  

The apples are growing and will be ready to pick in about 6 weeks here in Central New York.  I love Apple season in this part of the country.  

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Canoe New From Whimsy

Wow, It's time for the Whimsy Stamps August Release Week!  August?  Really?  Wow, this year has gone by so fast.  

Well, this is day 1 and here is Canoe from the DoveArt Collection.

This is one of the cards I will be teaching in Maryland, at Photo Scraps August 24, 25 and 26th.  Really excited and can't wait to hook up with my friends down there.   What a great group of ladies!  Classes are already filling and they do sell out so hurry and sign up.'re saying where do I go to sign up?  just click above at the top of my blog on Live Classes.  It will give you all the information and show you all 4 classes for that weekend.  Easy Peasy right!

Thank for visiting and I will see you in a few days. 

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Whimsy - Crab Cranson

Doesn't it make you a little crabby when you forget someone's birthday!  Say, like your parents, kid, brother or sister.  Yup, it does me!  I have to put it on my computer calendar and set a reminder a month ahead of time, then two weeks, then a week and then two days before.  That's when the sticky note goes on the computer.  But, I get busy and still forget to call or get the card in the mail.

As organized as I am that is one thing I am bad about.  I have to ask my husband how old I am!  That is why when I saw Crabby Cranson, I knew exactly what I wanted to use him for!  And I knew Whimsy Sentiments that were perfect!

So here is the plan....I am going to keep this card.  Then just email it to everyone in advance and say I am sorry but you know I will forget to call or send a card so here!  Deal with it.  I love you and that is all that matters.

Now, I used Basic Stitched Ovals Die Set and the backround water was layered with Making Waves Stencil using VersaMagic Ink and a Chinesse White pencil to bring out the highlights.  I then used Clear tonic drops in clear.  Then yellow on the paper to make it look embossed.

I really had fun with this card.  This old crab is a keeper!

Coming To Photo Scraps Maryland August 24, 25, 26

If you are just starting an want to see my go to color list click HERE This will help you build a collection I will use in most classes. We will add a few colors as we go.
I also recommend having E42, 43, 43, 44  BV20, 23, 25, 29
Paper Trimmer - just in case I make a mistake, I am human
Glue Dots (micro and mini) are suggested because I love buttons, sequins, dew drops and pearls
Tweezers just in case for those little pearls
Score Tape is perfect for ribbon but it's up to you 
Review each flyer for additional items needed.
Ready for a great time and some laughs while learning?

I can't wait to return to Photo Scraps!  It's always such a great weekend!

Photo Scraps

1213 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784.


HURRY AND BOOK YOUR SPOT!  These classes usually sell out!

Whimsy - Froggie Hoppy Day 2

Ok, seriously, who doesn't love a frog with an attitude!  For sure, I do!  Hey Mr. Froggie, are you asleep with your eyes open or are you in a trance?  Dude, do something would you?  Yeah, I am digging him a lot!  You can find Froggie Hoppy Day 2 in the digi section at Whimsy Stamps.

Now, there are a couple other items I used from the Whimsy store.  I used Magical Birthday Wishes for the sentimentStar Dangle Stencil for the background of the square,  and Stitched Border Die Trio for the top banner.  Thanks for visiting today!

I would share with you the Copic Colors and the Prisma Pencils I used, but honestly,  I have no idea, because I think I had hot flashes when I was coloring him.  Wow, I just realized I made a masculine birthday card with a feminine sentiment on it....I just choked on my coffee!!!  I will find a man friend and dare him to give it to his wife.  I will keep you posted.

Take a deep breath...New From Power Poppy.

Two days ago we started a 5 day blitz of new digi releases from Power Poppy!
And wow!  I've been on the Power Poppy team going on 5 years now and I have to say this is the best release yet.....You will want each and every one of them!   I am not going to be able to participate in all five days, but I will do all five releases within the month!  They are that amazing!

Take a Deep Breath

Whimsy Lighthouse

Welcome back to another Whimsy Day!  Today I am sharing Lighthouse from the DoveArt Collection.  This is a fun and fast color and if you are like me and into lighthouses you will love this one.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!