What a Lovely Tree

What A Lovely Tree!

Oh, I had so much fun coloring this image,  Heart Tree Rubber Cling Stamp.  I really just kicked back  and plaid with it.  I did the background first in shades of blues and blue greens with blending solution.
Then the grass, the the tree trunk and branches and the foliage part of the tree.  I left the hearts for last because they are red.  Red is easy to drag into areas you don't want.  So I alsways leave it until last.  

This stamp will be used again.  Which is rare because I rarely color a stamp more than once.  

I think I might do a live coloring of it on Passionate Paper Creations and Friends.  There are a few technigues in here I think would be great for beginners.  And filling the tree with the foliage when it isn't drawn in is fun.

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