FREE online Coloring Class - But First Coffee

Wait, did I really say Free Online Coloring Class? Why yes I did!!!! 

I want to give back to our community of colorist!  So I am going to be doing a series of YouTube classes that are free!  The images I will try to get you discounts on as well.  These classes are set up like any online class.  The description is on the YouTube Channel below the Video.  However, the discount coupon for the image will be here on my blog.

From May 9th until May23 you can get this image at 50% off!  I'm sorry but the offer has expired but the class will never go away.  So go ahead and give it a whirl

So hurry and grab our discount now to be safe.

The class is on my Youtube Channel, 
Click Here 

Techniques I used in this class I have learned from Amy Schulke, Valilla Arts - My mentor Jennifer Dove, Mindy Baxter, and just a little trial and error. A special thanks to Denise and Whimsy Stamps for working with me on the image. Mwah!

In the description under the video will be all the information you need for the class.  I hope you enjoy it and hey, please subscribe to my blog via email in the to left column.  I am going to be doing more free classes.  If it goes over well, I may just keep on doing them.  So tell your friends!


Bev Gerard said…
Ohhhh, thank you for offering your classes * free! * Rhea! I'm looking forward to checking them out for sure!
Bev Gerard
Hege said…
Thank you soooo much you big-hearted woman!!!!
Rhea Weigand said…
You are both welcome from the bottom of my heart
Amy S said…
Just watched and followed along. Love it!
Debbie said…
Thank you, I have so much to learn, glad I have found you I am sure I will learn a lot. Your work is beautiful x