Now and Then with Make It Crafty

This is Now

Thid was one of my favorite projects from Make it Crafty when I was on the DT.   So much so, I couldn't find the original.  I must of sold it....but I don't think so because there are two MIC pieces I would never sell.

Anyway,  I did not look at the one I did in 2014 until today as I write this post.  I only knew I wanted to color it again and see if my coloring has improved or changed or stayed the same.

I attempted to give it a raining sky.   I think I have improved on water, which, still remains one of my harder things to master in coloring.  This piece vs the 2014 I think I did improve on the water and the lilly pads.  I can tell I am not as heavy handed as I use to be.  My photography skills are much improved and My color palletes are also  I also noticed I didn't use the same colors!  My greens were much darker as were my water colors.  All in all it's just totally different now vs. then.

For me this was a fun excersise to do.  I can still see where I need growth and how I grown as a colorist.

At this time I was on the Make It Craft DT.  The challenge was Yellow and Blue for the easy and the hard was sun rays and water. At the time I remember this being difficult.  So I thought about clouds and the colors the sky can have from the sun.  I had made a larger image and messed up.  I had to start over anyway so I printed the image smaller and layered on top of the larger one.  I now longer had a mistake.  Instead I had a pretty cool piece of art.  Or so I thought I did.

I love the sky in this one but think about the water and how dark it is. But all in all comparing the Now and Then I am not sure my coloring style has changed much.  Maybe you see a difference?


ednamburgess said...

I love this picture. Was it a stamp to start with or did yu just paint it from scratch. If it's a stamp, please telll me what it is as would love to buy it. Thank you.

Rhea Weigand said...

ednamburgess - it is a premade scene. look in the website under premade scenes.