Flower Ballerina

Hello,  our move from Arizona to Auburn - Syracuse New York is in full force!  My art room is packed, except my markers and printer.  The rest of the house is almost packed.  We are flying to New York this week to look at properties.  Returning home for a few short days and then the journey across the country begins.

I've not touched my markers in two weeks!  Last night I was in need of therapy...LOL  I sat in the living room with my husband while we watched TV and I colored this Flower Ballerina.

Talk about much needed therapy!  I slept like a baby last night.  I am glad I hadn't packed the airbrush machine.  After coloring the skin, I free handed with the airbrush wherever there were flowers.  Then going back in and detailing.

Here is the Color Palette...Feel free to Pin It :)

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Sharbogast said...

I saw this on Pinterest. It is SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing.