My Creative Scoop! OH MY~!

Oh my is right!  Mindy Baxter has done it again with another great class!  And it is only $15.
Here is why I love Mindy's online classes.
1.  She makes them easy to follow to help the beginning Copic Colorist.
2.  Her philosophy is the same as mine.  Just because as teachers we use certain colors doesn't mean you have to.  I didn't, I used my favorite snow colors based on the sky. 
3.  If you are an advanced colorist, you can still learn!  And you can make her class your own style.

Yes, I can color!  Can I draw? No way!  Do I want to learn to? Yes!  Do I look at an image and can I see a scene?  Sometimes I can and sometimes I can not.  I am trying to step outside my comfort box!  Have I just shared my weaknesses with you?  Of course!  I am not perfect and neither is any other colorist out there.

What did I learn, or gain confidence from in this course?  Well, first creating mountains!!!!  They were so much fun! Drawing small trees in the background.  Being brave enough to create mountains that are what I want and not what was taught.  I wanted to make it my own.  I am very proud of my Mountains!  Drawing a birch tree for the first time.  It was cool to do. 

Mindy does this class step by step videos and is very good at explaining what, where and why in each and every short video.  Yes, Every step has its very own video section which is so awesome and easy to follow!  Nothing to print our because she has the colors at the bottom of the videos.  

Color the class exactly like she does if you are a beginner.  Then challenge yourself to change something.  If you are advanced.  Take the class and make it your very own and see what you come up with.  

I challenge you!


Bunny said...

Such a cute gnome. Lovely coloring. [Bunny]`

Verna Angerhofer said...

Beautiful scene and a darling little gnome.

Jessie said...

Good seeing you, I am learning about blogs. Missed you teaching at whimsy. Love your gnome.