Hold on to your hats friends! I have found the best die storage EVER! It is a 5 star in my book

Are you ready for this?  Totally-Tiffany has out done herself!  Finally a die storage system that is not only awesom but fits in my Ikea shelves. 

I like the size of the box! Each of the 10 panels measures 11.5″ x 14.5″ (not counting the tab). But guess what. You can fit 2 of these in one cube of an Ikea cube.  I want another one!  There are labels so you can
label, circles, squares, rectangels etc.  if you store it as shown above I only feel the need to lable one side.

You can also stand it on it's side.  It will still fit 2 in my cube.  And, in this case I would label both sides. 

Honestly, I have found I like the first way of storing...the little dies won't fall and no damage can be done to your dies.

And you can kinda see that you use both sides of your boards for your dies. 

Now, the box comes with 60 white magnetic strips as shown above.  I found these awesome for light weight dies.

Now check this out!  It will hold 6 background dies!  WOWZERS!  These are a bit heavier so I cut down my personal adhesive magnetic sheets and the hold perfectly.  Honestly, the white strip dies were not quite strong enough, and I would have had to use to many of them.  I found this solution.

I found the same to be easier with the larger set dies.  I saved my white strip dies for my alphabets and little dies. 

One problem in using the black heavy duty magnetic strips.  My Boards have warped a bit.  But the is  ok with me.  Because the dies are snug as a bug in a rug.  

I would rate this product a 5 star for sure!

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jenni1st said...

Wow, this looks promising! Question though - if the entire front is open, how do you protect your dies from dirt, dust, pet hair etc.? If one side is open, in it goes. Or am I overlooking something?