Need Coffee....

Hello, I am back!  Boy does this card represent how I feel in the mornings until about 10 a.m!
Just ask Jeff.  Oh and if that isn't enough while I was in the hospital and Nurses Aid tried to come in to get my vitals very, very early.  My mom just happened to be there because she couldn't sleep.  She to the Aid that she shouldn't wake me unless she had a very long stick.  The Aid didn't understand.  Mom said, have you ever woken a sleeping bear?  The aid said of course not.  Mom said you are about to!  The aid turned around and left.  as soon as I heard the door close I started giggling.  Then said need coffee.  Maybe you had to be there but it really was funny.  

This adorable and funny image is from Sassy Cheryl and the sentiment is from the Oh so Funny Riley and Company.  Their sentiments are the funniest on the market.  

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There is something going on every week and every weekend. 

Thank you for visiting today and I tell you,  It's good to be back and blogging all the projcets I did before surgery.



Bunny said...

How funny and cute. Love your card. [Bunny]

Conniecrafter said...

too cute, I also love your little embellishments to the side of the sentiment!

Bev Gerard said...

Fun story ... and I definitely relate! Once my g'son asked, "Mimi, have you had your coffee yet?" Welcome back! Hope you're feeling better every day.