Surprise.....How did I do this?

Isn't this interesting.  Maybe you are thinking did she stamp it?  Is that Distress oxides?  The answer to both are, Nope.

This is all done with copics!  Yes, It's true...and a little embossing powder.  Here is how you do it. 
1.  Glossy paper, just air brush it like crazy!
2.  Let it dry completly, this is very important.
3.  Once it is dry, take your stamp or stencil as I used and versa mark.  Make sure to ink very heavy. and hold that stencil very tight as you go.  If you don't you'll be sorry. 
4.  Heavy cover with clear embossing poweder.  You can dust it before hand.  I think I did, I can't remember.
5.  Gloss paper does not heat well.  Trust me!  It will bubble and pop.  So use a low setting and start under.  Who cares if you burn the backside.  Take your time.  Once you think you have it melted, now hit it from the front.  Yeah, you thought you had it melted right.  lol.
6.  Put 90% alcohol into a spritz bottle and really let that paper have it.  Let the ink run off onto a paper towel.
7.  Now with you air gun move the ink around, you can also do this at the same time you are spraying it for a really cool look.
8. Let it dry or speed it up with your compressor.
9,  ok, Your embosing area is now dull and you are like, say what!  No problem!! With your heat gun,  just add a little heat.  This will melt the embossing powder and all the shine will come right back.

Yup, I learned this just by playing around one day!  Experiment.  Wait, I don't think i learned it from anyone. (I want to put that in just in case as a disclosure) 

Try it...It is so much fun and so easy.