Whimsy Stamps - Water Girl

Hello, Happy Wednesday!  I am back with another Whimsy Stamp design.  Today I am sharing...

Water Garden Girl

Water Garden Girl takes me back to a peaceful place where nothing in the world matters.  No stress or worries.  Just a girl with her thoughts of the fish saying hello, and enjoying a nice spring day.  

If that were me as a child, I would have been jumping in trying to catch that fish and all swimming around looking for it's friends.  

However, I like this girl better and, adored coloring it, creating the sky and adding the grass to complete the full scene. 

Oh how I recommend coloring!  It is so good for the soul.  I have actually reduced my weekly working time creating classes and running the PPCF FB Group to Monday through Friday and coloring for me on Saturday and Sunday.  It has made a huge difference to reduce the stress.  And believe it or not my creativity is becoming more and more creative!  Classes are coming to me that I didn't even think of.  So many that I can't keep up, I now have a list that is growing so fast.  It is really exciting!  Just thought I would share.  Creative Coloring Classes with me are going to be more than what I think I thought at first.  The direction is changing and wow, I am excited.


Unknown said...

Hi Rhea this is a beautiful card and I love the colours and you have coloured it beautifully.
And your design is wonderful. Thank you for sharing

Hugs Debs xxx

Natalie said...

Awesome card! I love the little girl and the coloring.

Cindy Groh said...

Oh wow-This one is fabulous. Love it!