Power Poppy - New Heart A Bloom Digital Image

A tapestry of spring flowers fills a large, lush heart shape in this Color Story adventure! The flowers for this heart were expressly chosen for a scene to celebrate yellows, greens, blues, and purples. We have Daffodils and Narcissus, Trout Lilies, a myriad of single and double  Hellebores, Trout Lilies, and then the surprise guest: Blueberries! Now, here’s the thing. Blueberries ripening on the vine start out a very pale greenish-white. The same stem can have a multitude of shades in white, pink, chartreuse, light and dark blue. Hellebores also are cross-pollinated to create loads of color combinations. So, whether you take this Color Story into cool territory with green, blue, deep purple, and white, or something warmer with blushes, yellows, and peachy tones, you are pretty much going to end up with a masterpiece! 

Marcella out did herself on this masterpiece!  It was so enjoyable to color up.  It is actually a large piece that is framable if printed at 100%.  Which, ummmm yeah I am going to frame it and put it in my studio!  

Sorry for not having a color palette for you today.  Honestly, I just colored and didn't pay attention to the markers.  I was just grabbing colors I thought worked by looking at the caps.  Before I knew it my desk was covered in markers. 


ednamburgess said...

Your heart abloom coloring is beautiful. Love the way you've captured all these colors in one beautiful bouquet. Edna

CherylQuilts said...

Rhea, you are amazing, and this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the richness and beauty of your coloring and the dimension is out of this world!! Hugs!