Time is running out.

After a lot of thought and procrastination, I have now opened my online classroom.   Wow, it is really happening!  Come join me at....


For a short time, I have only two classes available and they are specially priced just for the grand opening of Creative Coloring Classes with Rhea.  In addition, there are a few goodies you will enjoy adding to your Copic Marker knowledge that is free.  One of these will only be free for the grand opening.

Now, you may ask, how long will this special last?  That's a secret.  It could last for 72 hours to a week or two weeks.  I'm not going to tell, so hurry and jump right in the classroom and sign up while the prices are hot!


Class #1 is only $11

Here is what it's all about.  I have an entire series to take you from the beginning to the more advanced and in between.  I will let you visit and watch the intro video. 

Class #2 is only $6 - This is a coloring and card making class.  You get 50% off the image from Conie Fong!  Tons of techniques in this one image. 

If you visit my facebook group Passionate Paper Creations and Friends.  I have a live video explaining what my classes are all about and why I do them the way I do.  I would love to have you watch the video.  If you don't do Facebook.  In a nutshell, all my videos are unedited!  I want you to feel as though you are sitting in a live class watching and learning.  If I make a mistake which I will, I will show you how to fix it or work around it.   I may go in a different direction because I think of something I that would be cool to show you.  I have a plan but I may change it up and add things to it. So you always get more than what is in the book.  I promise you will never have to print out any book that is 100 pages.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I am a break it down, right to the point and keep it simple kinda of gal.  

So, Thanks for visiting today and I hope to see you in my classroom!  I promise there is much more coming!  This is only the beginning. 

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Linda Simpson said...

How fabulous!
Linda xxx