Totally Tiffany Organization...OH YEA!

Totally Tiffany Desk Organizer's ROCK!

Welcome back to Passionate Paper Creations!  Rhea here and giddy to share my OCD Organization with the help of Totally Tiffany!

If you know me, you know Jeff and I are organizing freaks.  My studio is my sanctuary and I know exactly where everything is.  I don't like my supplies out to be seen.  Well, except my coloring goodies!  Everything else is neatly organized in drawers or on a shelf.  Except now I have just the tools and adhesives I use regularly on my desk too....and I love it!

So first let me explain that I am left handed.  What I use most is to the left.

This is my color station!  I have my Copic Markers, Colored Pencils, Water Color Paints, and Water Color Pencils all together and with in reach thanks to the awesome Pencil Perch from Totally Tiffany.
I have several to hold all 150 Prisma Pencils.  My Faber-Castell Water Color Pencils are in a container sitting next to them.  

Being a Copic Marker person, I am use to seeing the colors at a glance.  Well I wanted the same with my Primas.  I downloaded the color guide, colored it in and cut each color taping for each pencil!  Now I know which I am using and where it goes when I am done!  I can easily see when I need to order a new one too!  Sooooo very cool.   To let you know exactly how organized I am....I have drawers under my Copic Case that holds all of my ink pads.  They are organized by brand and color.

Ok, lets move to the right of my desk in the corner

Now it's time to make a card!  Not a problem because tools and adhesive I need are right here!
In addition when I get in the mixed media mood I have my Faber-Castell supplies right at my finger tips.  Wait..there is another Pencil Perch!!!!  Oh yes, It holds my favorite water color paint brushes, my tweezers, my styluses, my favorite pens for journaling in my planner and pencils for quick notes.  Not showing are the sticky notes I have added to the front of the Perch!  
Yes, that is a TV Remote in one of the organizers...Duh!  That is my most used tool!  Gotta watch Chic Flicks while designing.  I also have two stamp pads I use only for Faber-Castell so I put them together. 

Did someone ask what is in the center of my desk area?
NOTHING, except two Ott Lights and a small crystal dish i use for trash while doing a project. 
that's where I create and design.
On the other side of my L shaped desk is my computer monitor and that's it.
I can't create in a mess.  Oh, but can I make a mess creating!!!! Then it gets cleaned and I start again!

I highly recommend Totally-Tiffany Desk Maid Set for anyone who has a small craft space or a large craft space.  The Pencil Perch is amazing!!!

My next goal is to organize my 6x6 paper pads, background stamps and stencils with the Fab File 6x6 I will need several of these babies and The Sue Organizer - I want to put my Copic Refills in this when I travel for classes!  

Seriously, if you've not been to you really should see what she has!  Small craft problem she will fix that!  Big craft space....more room for all the new stuff coming!  Just sayin'

Thanks for stopping by today!
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Linda Simpson said...

WOW Rhea, I thought I was a neat freak, you beat me hands down, everything has its place in my craft studio too. I make a mess while crafting but as soon as that project is done it gets cleared away nice and tidy for me to start again, it must be a lefty thing 😉
Linda 😘😘😘

Bunny said...

I absolutely L-O-V-E this. I love organization. This would be a joy to sit down and work in. The Ott lites are great. I even have a make up mirror by Ott.