Little Super Hero with a Surprise!

Hey all, Rhea here again at Passionate Paper Creations.  I wanted to show you a special creation from Creative Basics Dies, Fancy Squares and Little Things.  This time I only used the HALF DIE!!!!!!

Now, I ask you, how pretty is this card?
all the flowers, and details and the ribbon with dew drops. 

Then BAM!  You open it up and this happens!

This multi fold was created from a 6" x 12" card stock and the half die from the Fancy Squares and Little Things Die Set.  I was so easy. 
Find the center of the paper
Find the center of the die piece
Start in the center and tape down lining up both center points.
Next, move half die to next side (it will lap over) and run through machine
Repeat on the other side
Make sure to line up cut lines on each side
To make the layers I just used the half die to cut the papers to layer and cut it in half for a perfect fit. 
Super easy!
In my opinion we should have happy flowers every day of the year!

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