Coloring Tip: Using grays to add contrast and dimension - Power Poppy

Hello Power Poppy Friends!  Today I am bringing you Berry It Digital Stamp.  I couldn't make the August 25th post to release this image so I thought I would share it with you on my monthly inspiration post with a little coloring tip.

This months tip:  Don't be afraid to use grays to make your colors deeper and more rich looking.  It helps to give more dimension and contrast to your projects. 

Here is how I teach to use grays; When I've colored a few berries with the regular colors, I decided where I want to make RV99 (in this case) darker.  I then added N7 to that area and immediately went over it with RV69.  These two colors will blend together on the paper making the top color a darker shade and you won't see the gray.  Then I will blend it out with the sequence of colors, this is done lightly.  Once you get the hang of it you can just start by adding gray before your darkest color and blending out from there. 

I used N gray because I didn't want any blue or brown undertones.  

I only do this with Copic XPress Paper as it allows me more time to work with my coloring and has less of a chance of looking "muddy" with more ink added.   

I will be back next month for more coloring tips with Power Poppy!


suzanne2 said...

What a beautiful card, your colouring is always excellent of course and I love this image, really need to buy this one. That rich ribbon finishes it off perfectly. Thank you for sharing your colour combo, I save them on my Pinterest board, I hope that is ok with you but if it isn't let me know and I'll remove the board
Suzanne x

Davi said...

Wow the coloring on the berries is really beautiful!! The grey really did make the shadow but enrichen the color. The soft yellow and gorgeous bow make it look amazing!

Nancy said...

I am new to using Copics and have a lot to learn. I am always happy to see cardmakers show the colors they have used. It helps me build my Copic wish list. I cannot seem to find the tab for your color palette, as mentiioned in the blog post. This card is beautiful, as are the colors and shading you used. Perfection - and it makes me wish the wild berry canes were still growing nearby, but "progress" cleared them out, sadly, for new homes. As much as I can load up a card with flowers and pearls, I always appreciate a design with one image, colored beautifully. You truly have a master's touch with Copics and their use. Thank you for sharing it with us and for the inspiration.