Camellias - Power Poppy

Hello Power Poppy Friends!  Today I hope to inspire you with bright colors using Camellias.  This is a digital set found in the Power Poppy Store.

Camellias are usually shades of pink, red or white.  Honestly, I wanted to inspire you to use colors you like or are feeling at the moment you start a project.  I felt like using shades of I did!  Then using the Triadic Theory of the Color wheel. I went with Green and Purple to compliment.  

Wondering what the Triadic Theory is of the color wheel?  Three colors  spaced equally apart on the color wheel.  So If I chose oranges, Purples and greens were Triadic in theory.  So I was comfortable in knowing that the finished piece would be balanced in colors and by using the below colors that started with 1 in the Copic Color Family I knew it would be brighter as well with little to no gray undertones.

Here is the color palette if you want to give it a go :)


Monique1971 said...

Hi Rhea, I love your blog. Recently discovered it and now following it with Bloglovin'. Thanks for your tutorials and explanations. It is so helpful! You are so talented!

CherylQuilts said...

Rhea, what a gorgeous card with amazing coloring (as always)! These are really amazing flowers, and I love the colors you've chosen. Good reminder about the color wheel. I used that the other day with another card I really helps (when I think of it...ha!). Hugs!