Sometimes you don't see the garden because of the flower.

Hello and welcome to the Power Poppy Monday Inspiration from Rhea.  It's true that sometimes your eye fixates on just one object when there is so much beauty than surrounds it.  The same is true when you are in the Power Poppy store!  When I am looking at all those yummy flowers I see each one individually.  Then I remembers when working with digi stamps you are you limitation.  Just because I love love the Gerber Daisy and the Winter Pick Me Up and they are individual images doesn't mean I can't put them together to create a beautiful garden!

The images needed to be turned into a .png file so the background was transparent.  They come to us in .jpg format.  In being a .png, this allows me to layer them and position them front to back.  All I use is Photoshop.  I do not delete anything or alter Marcella's art in any way.  It is as simple as moving things around until you like what you see.  You can "flip" an image which I did with the Winter Pick Me up on the far right side.  You don't want everything looking to chimerical or it appears unnatural.  I also like odd numbers.  

Now, I always like to share my color palettes!  This way you can purchase the Gerber Daisy, and the Winter Pick me up and use the same colors if you like.


Christina said...

This is really awesome Rhea!!
Hugs Kristel

CherylQuilts said...

What a gorgeous card, Rhea, and I love your "garden!" Your coloring is amazing, and I love how you've grouped these beauties by Marcy! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!! Hugs!

Pauline said...

Rhea this is gorgeous! Your colouring is beautiful. I love how you grouped these together.