Coming To Photo Scraps in MD December Class

Excited to be teaching at Photo Scraps in Maryland!
December 5th and 6th I will have 3 classes 
If you are in the area please come join the fun!
Photo Scraps is located at 1213 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784
 410-549-5187 call to reserve your spot :)

Here is Friday Evenings Class.


Unknown said...

been following your blog for a while now so you can imagine i was thrilled when i went to Photoscraps to see your classes posted! and you live in my old stomping grounds!! can't wait to talk to you and learn from you - your copic work is amazing! i'll see you sat morning for my favorite stamping - House Mouse - they're too cute for words! jo

Mommyeyedr said...

Bummed! I live in Florida..would love to take your classes. Do you ever do online classes?

Diane said...

I'm bummed too! I live in Dallas, TX and I would love to take your classes too. We have a store nearby called, 'The Crafty Scraper' in Waxahachie, TX , maybe you could set up there or an online class would be great too. Hope you will consider these options?