New Twisted Side

Heeeyyyyy!  Two new twisted sets are NOW AVAIALBE to C.C. Designs! "Holiday Stuff" & "This and That #1"

These sentiments go great with Roberto's humorous images like this one with Grouchy Kitty.  Which will also be released TODAY! at C.C. Designs.  I happen to love everything with Grouchy Kitty!!!  He just makes me laugh.
This image is called Kisses and is available today!  Sentiment is from "Holiday Stuff"
Here is another Grouchy Kitty which is also NEW and available today.  I love this cats attitude!!!
Now lets be honest here, by the time you deal with all those crazy people holiday shopping and then stand in line for what seems like FOREVER...You know you really want to say this to the next person that gives you holiday wishes...just sayin'   Sentiment is from "Holiday Stuff"
hahahaha....Gossiping is just plain wrong!  I don't care who you are.  I always comes right back to haunt you right?  I think these two best friends are gonna be in trouble...hahahahahaha!
Sentiment is from "This and That #1"
Image is "Best Friends"
Here is an encore showing of Waking Up.  Yeah, I think that's me in the morning!  This sentiment is now available in rubber!!!
"Best Part of Waking Up"
"Good Morning Sue"

Due to the number of project, you can view the color palettes for each project by clicking HERE

So far here is the collection of my twisted side.  There will be new ones with each C.C. Designs release.  I know they are not for everyone.  We never intend to offend either :)  Thanks so much for your kind words of support and I will be back with more twisted side and the big release of my die line next month.  xoxo Rhea


Irish Cherokee said...

Hi Rhea! Love them all. ALL of the images are cute. The second one did make me chuckle. Looks like me in the morning. "Coffee first. Talk after." LOL. Great cards. - Jim

Ava Gavloski said...

nice presentation Rhea.... All the best.