Pinky Doll Art

Happy Monday Morning! I couldn't sleep and was up way too early this morning...ugh!  I decided to try out P Pinky Dolls Digital Images.   I'm not really into gothic but these little babies are super adorable and fun to color.   I think they would also be amazing as steampunk.

Hahahahahaha...I totally messed up her hair but that's ok.  I still wanted to share.  It's ok not to be perfect right :)  

The background is airbrushed with the same colors I used in her dress and hair.  I did add C7 and B99.  The BV29, I used the brush end of the marker in the air brush canister to get the speckles.  
Love this look!!  I think I will have to color up another one of these adorable little girls.

Here is the Color Palette....


Kerri said...

sometimes its the imperfection that make perfection!! love it!!!!

Gramma said...

Looks awesome to me, but...., practice makes perfect, eh?

Shazza said...

gorgeous x

Patricia St Martin said...

Just stunning. Love the colors for her hair.

Renee Butchart said...

Goth isn't really my thing either Rhea but these little Pinky Dolls have a strange "cuteness" to them & your coloring just adds to her allure!
Hugs, Renee