Himalayan Poppy - Aurora Wings

Hello :)  Well...we got hard by Winter Storm Vulcan!  The name even sounds nasty.  I am talking about 18 inches of big fat snow.  Jeff and I have been here in Central New York for a month and I have seen more snow than I have ever seen in my life.  I think we are still feeling a little lost coming from the Phoenix desert.  Watching my husband shoveling snow is pretty funny...snicker, snort.  By next season I'm sure we will be pros with our very own snow blower.

Being snowed in isn't all that bad.  I enjoyed the day with my Copics and Himalayan Poppy Image from Aurora Wings.  And, enjoy it I did!!

I hadn't heard of a Himalayan Poppy before.  Shut the front door!!!  I had no idea poppy's came in blue!  For Reals!!  I had to peel myself from all the beautiful google images of these lovely flowers.  Yes, I google images all the time.  I look at them while I am coloring to help me.

As always I started with the face...pfft.  This is always a little stressful but still fun.  Then the hair.

Next into the flowers and trying to decide which colors to use.  I know!!!  I will use them all :)  By the time I was done I had so many markers on my desk.

But wait....She looked a little plain.  Oh dad-gummit I wanted to airbrush in the background.  Oh well if I mess it up I will just color it again.  I can always use more practice.

I grabbed C5, BG09 and B37 (in that order) and my compressor and went for it.  Free hand with no masking is not for the faint of heart.  Sometimes you just have to go for it.

This piece now sits on a special shelf of my "Favorites" 
I framed it in a deep 5x7 black frame.
the image takes up the entire inside of the frame.

Here is the Color Palette....Please, feel free to pin it
I am entering this design into Divas by Design Flower Power Challenge.

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