Baby Flower Sprites Day 2 - Make It Crafty

Good morning :)  Yesterday I shared a quick color palette with a Baby Flower Sprite.  I enjoyed coloring the sprite so much I created this scene using the Country Cottage Elements. So...I thought I would share it with you all today.

I used color combos I've not used in so long.  I really should use the V's more often.  I love this combo of V01,  05, 06 and 09.  Base color/lightest color is V05.  Leave white for the highlights.  When everything is colored go over the white areas with V01.  It really softened the white areas.

In the BV's use the BV02 as the base color/lightest color.  Again, leave white for the highlights. BV01 will be used to soften the white areas.

These colors will also lighten the colors they touch because they are much lighter.

Grass area was created with lots of dots.  Darkest color first.  Dots being closest together at the base of the clump of grass and becoming more scattered as they moved out.  I went back in with middle color then lightest color over all of them to blend a little.  Finished with a little air brushing.

Sky: water brush with blending solution or 70% alcohol and B45.  Smush around clouds and follow with C5.  Also here and there around image and in the leaves and tree branches.  To finish I "spot air brushed" with B41.

NOTE:  All air brushing was done last.  I've noticed it's hard to add shadows and details once you've air brushed.  So I just wing it at the end :)

Links to the images are below.

Here is the Color Palette :)

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Sue H said...

Love it. Awesome coloring.