We all need a little spring...

Hi there :)  With the holidays and now the cold and snow, I wanted to color up a little spring.  This  is a retired PSX stamp which I love to collect.  I thought it would be perfect to practice No-Line Coloring.  Which I am quickly falling head over hills for.  Some images just shouldn't have lines :)

Earlier this week I posted a question on Facebook.  Should I use the color palette with the pen caps or the original style like this one.  It was unanimous.  The original style was much easier to read the colors.  I also feel it matches the colored images better as well as looks more like a true color palette.   It is also easier to identify which color is placed where in the photo.  So, moving forward I will be sharing the color palettes in the original format.  

Thank you all for your input!!!

Here you go....Feel Free to pin it :)

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Nancy Jensen said...

I just found this on pinterest! LOVE it!