Tiddly Inks Tag Challenge

It's time to start a new challenge at Tiddly Inks!
This time we are creating TAGS!!!

Yes, this is a tag.  Actually it is two tags made into a card :)  Super easy to do...
  1. Take two identical tags.  They can measure whatever you like.  
  2. Cut 1/2"  off the left margin of one tag.  This will become the "top tag"
  3. Score the "top tag" just below the punched hole and fold.
  4. Cover the bottom tag with desired pattern paper.  Then the "top tag"
  5. Line up the bottom right corners and right edge.  Adhere with adhesive.  I used strong double sided tape.
  6. You should have enough margin left on the bottom tag to thread ribbon through the hole as shown above. 
There you have a tag card

Now for the flowers.  Yes I made these as well....
The flower comes from May Arts Ribbon.
  1. I air brushed the center of the flower to match my image.  You can spritz or color how you wish.
  2. Fold all pedals toward the middle as shown in the center photo and twist.
  3. Stich into place.  Make sure it is secure.
  4. Fold out and shape petals.  Add pearl center or glitter or whatever you wish.

Here is the Color Palette...Feel free to pin it :)

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