Jumbo Top Hat Snowman - Stampendous

Hello,  This week I am sharing a few of Stampendous Snowmen.  My parents are in Indiana and dad told me they were going to have another storm and temps were going to hit 10 degrees below 0!  SAY WHAT!!!  Even Frosty here would be frozen solid!  I've been in Arizona for so long I can't remember what that feels like.  I know I'm miserable when the temp drops below 50....brrrrrrrrr.

So to all of you in the Midwest and on the East Coast stay safe and warm.  xoxo

In this snowman and also with tomorrows, I added texture with blending solution and terry cloth.  In addition, I used C1 and 3.  A lot of people say this makes the snow look dirty.  I say "pfft"  it depends on the color of your paper and how bright you want your snowman to be.  It's your snowman and you can color it any color you want :)   Just do not add yellow!  Yellow snow is BAD snow.

Here is the Color Palette :)

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