Hello,  it's been a busy couple of weeks for me.  Designing for the upcoming releases, classes and helping my BFF Jennifer Dove with Copic Boot Camp which starts tomorrow!!!  I can't wait!  The retreat is sold out and we are ready to rock and roll with lots of fun and gifts.  But they don't call it boot camp for nothin'  By the end of the weekend we will all be exhausted.

I did find a little down time this week to color just for me.  It was so enjoyable and funny too wait until you see why...

Red it one of my favorite colors.  Any shade will do, but the truest red is the best!  I finally found my favorite and easiest to blend red combo.  R 24, 29 and 59.  It spreads like melted butter.  It is a true red as well.   

I also love to die by ribbon.  I was so excited to die my ribbon red I didn't stop to think it through.  I ended up dying my hands red.  I'm not talking about a hint of the color, I am talking RED! 

This photo is after I scrubbed them with hand sanitizer and 99% alcohol and nothin'.  hahaha.  I went to Jenn's the next day and used a great hand cleaner the next day that took most of it off.  I still have pink nails.
Make sure to wear gloves when dying ribbon...just saying'

For the bow I looped it around several times and tied one end off.  Cut the other end so you have lots of crazy edges.  At the knot I dropped R46 from a refill bottle.  Do you recognize the color on my hands?  Sprayed the ribbon with alcohol and rubbed it around in my hands...hahahaha.  Now you have a red ribbon.  Then I heated it with heat gun.  I also did a green one.  Can you believe I wore gloves for the green one!  Why bother right :)

Here is the color palette for coloring the image.  Feel free to pin it :)


Penny said...

Beautiful coloring, Rhea! I wanted to do the boot camp, but have a Cardinals game on Sunday, so couldn't! Hope you have a great time! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Julie said...

I am so impressed with your beautiful coloring. Wish I lived closer so you could teach me a thing or two. Also love the red hands! Hehehe...


Jean Bullock said...

So beautiful. I love strawberries and love how you have rendered them. Great job.