Fall Leaves Altered Cigar Box

The journey to creating this box was quite unexpected.  It started out as most to be card.  However, it was a little special. 

 #1 -  I used the double sided permanent adhesive sheets from Stampendous to cover a piece of card stock.  I then tightly covered with May Arts Wrinkle Ribbon.  This was going to be my beautiful background.   The background wasn't to size at this point.   I had intended on cutting it down to size later or die cutting it. 

 #2 - I wanted to airbrush a little color here and there to give it a little personality and a vintage feel.  Next thing I know I see a fence start to appear right before my eyes.  "Shut The Front Door" I gasp as I grabbed for more shades of browns and a couple greens.
I sat back and giggled at what I created by accident.  Texting a picture to my BFF and laughing at her reply of calling me names names through love and fun jealousy...I now scratch my head.  The Perfectly Clear Summer Leaves I was going to stamp ON the ribbon background I fear will not show up.  What should I do now???

EUREKA!  JUMBO FALL LEAVES are perfect for this warm textured fence!!!  I will attach it to a canvas board for a fall "Thing-A-Ma-Gig" and hang it from wire :)  (You call it a "Thing-A-Ma-Gig" when you don't have a clue what you are going to make.)  So I started coloring the leaves with my Copic Markers.  Using YR 23, 24, 27, E07, YG 93, 95 97, 99.  
Time to lay out the leaves and get even more inspired.  Ah, needs more depth to the background.  The leaves need to pop.  I need to add embossing powder and Fran-tage....

#4 - Start with the Stencils that are included with the Jumbos Fall Leaves.  You can use them two ways which I have done on my new design.  First lay out the long leaf and sponge Versa Mark inside the stencil.  Sprinkle Aged Scarlet and Aged Ochre Embossing Powder and Heat with Heat Tool.  The other way is to take the insert leaf and lay on background and sponge ink around to create a shadow.  You can also airbrush and of course emboss with powders and Fran-tage..
More texture!  What sentiment should I use?  "Oh, wouldn't it look awesome hanging from a little sign post!"  The next thing I knew I was digging through my cigar boxes and adding more details.

Now the card that went to a canvas ended up as a cigar box.  And you can not even see the yummy background that was such a wonderful accident.  Not to mention I can't even remember the colors I used.  Ha!  But, in the end, the result turned out great and it was fun to create.  That's what counts right!?


Stampendous said...

What a terrific project, Rhea! A happy accident indeed! Love how this turned out and the little signpost look is just divine...truly "shelf-worthy"!! (the highest compliment at Stampendous! LOL)

Penny said...

This is what I call a happy accident! Love the result! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Verna Angerhofer said...

Wow! That cigar box is so beautiful! Who would have thought it was that and love the beautiful Autumn theme. Those leaves are fantastic!