Meet Maxwell, from the House Mouse Family

Today I happy to bring you Maxwell from the House Mouse® Family and I have a quick tutorial on how to color this little prankster with Copic Markers.  

Everyone, meet Maxwell.  
Maxwell is reddish-brown and has a perpetually curled tail.  He thinks he is extremely good looking, in a handsome mouse like way.  He is the prankster of the House Mouse Family and loves to play tricks whenever he can.  As you can see in this Maxwell is doing his thing by showing off in "HMV03 Juggling Dice"

Skin tone on the mice are just like people.
  1. With E50 color the face, hands, feet and inside ears
    1. Make sure to go into the fur area.  You don't want a line.  You will also bring the fur down into the skin tone to give a natural look.
  2. With E51 add shading around eyes, inside ears, hands where fur meets and feet where fur meets.
  3. With E04 use tip to tip with E50 to lightly add color to cheeks, nose and inside ears.  you can also add a nice little shadow to hands and feet.
  4. With BV20 add shadow in the darker areas of feet and inside ears.
Fur is important.  With the mice the lines are drawn which will make it easier.  You will color making a flicking motion.  "light" flicking back and forth.  It is also important is to color everything around the mouse before you color the mouse it's self.  It is furry,  if you color the mouse first you will loose the fur outside of the body.  You will see when you color it.
  1. With E31 first then E35 "flick" lightly back and fourth and go outside the lines.  Leave white paper showing
  2. With E35 lightly "Flick" in your shadows to start bringing Maxwell to life
  3. With E57 lightly "Flick" more shadows in smaller areas then blend by "flicking" with E35 and E31.  The darker areas now are becoming fully saturated with color and that is ok.  You should still be seeing some of the white paper in the lighter areas.

The background is textured with Blending Solution and piece of burlap.  This was done first as the blending solution will "push" all colors away.  

Here is the full color pallet for reference.  Feel free to pin it!


paperpapier said...

absolutely fabulous colouring...!! Thanks for sharing the tips!
Heaney xx

barbara macaskill said...

What a delightful card! I love how you used the burlap technique for the background!!!! The dice look cool and sparkly! The plaid background paper is really pretty!
LOVE LOVE LOVE how you colored Maxwell! I just ordered a good share of the House Mouse stamps and can't wait to get them!
Could you please tell me how to pronounce your first name? Is it Reeea? Or Raya? Just curious. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with me!!!!

Dawn Carlyle said...

Beautiful coloring! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Penny said...

Fabulous, Rhea! Love the coloring! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Kelly Neis said...

Your image is darling and thanks for showing us how you did them. Gorgeous coloring!!
Hugs Kelly

Tenia Nelson said...

Dude.....this ROCKS!!! That is all.