Cinderella for May Arts Ribbon

I am excited and honored to share I have made it to round two for the 2013-2014 May Arts Ribbonista's Design Team! 

For the first several days of hearing the news I wasn't sure what I wanted to to create.  I was emailing the Ribbon Lady,  I wrote I wasn't sure yet what my entry was going to be.  (I wasn't worried because something will inspire me.)  As I sent my email, I looked up and saw a metal dress form I've had for 2 years and haven't done anything with.  I've never had the inspiration come to me...until that very moment.

Here it is, that plain dress form that has moved from shelf to shelf, dusty, and still had the price tag still on sad.  But now, it is transformed.  That's why I am calling this piece Cinderella.  (giggle) Hey wait!  Will it go back to being plain on July 29th when they announce the new Ribbonista's???

My favorite ribbon to play with is May Arts "Sheer".  This entire project was made with a few different  ones from the May Arts Collection.  Every Piece is heated to make it shrivel and curl.  Many of the pieces are air brushed with Copic Markers.  It is really easy actually, Let me show you how easy it is.

Your heat tool is the most important.  I have learned through trial and error, you want to use a low heat setting for best results.  If you use a hotter setting you run the risk of burning holes in the ribbon.  The Purple Heat Tool from Hobby Lobby has 2 settings.  I use the lowest setting for ribbon.  The wattage on this tool is only 300 so even the high setting is much cooler than most guns.  I also like this gun because it has a pointed end for targeted heating.

I also like to use clips to hold the ribbon so I don't burn my fingers...a little trick I learned from Fran at Stampendous.  Thanks Fran!!!

We should start with how to heat the different sheer ribbon types used in this project.

CC-1-09 - Satin Edge 1" and CC09 1/2"
  • Can be easily coiled and shaped by holding into place before heating
  • Takes an interesting "Vintage" look when heated unshaped
  • Makes beautiful bows 
FZ09 1"
  • Naturally curls into a soft coil when heated from the bottom to the top
  • Added great texture to this project
  • Makes beautiful small bows
NE09 1"
  • Somewhat shapeable
  • Looks better when heated unshaped 
  • Perfect for bows
  • Larger sizes do the same

Working with Satin Edge is the easiest for shaping.  Use your clips to twist ribbon into shape.  Slowly heat.

Heating sheer ribbon that does not have an edge on it is a little more tricky.  The edges on the ribbon help the ribbon keep shape.  When making the wings for this project I took a 14" piece of the 5" sheer ribbon, tied a knot in the middle.  I "pounced" the heat tool up and down not coming within 2" of the ribbon.  I did this in a random pattern until I had the desired look. 
*Use this tip on any size sheer ribbon with no edge

Let's look at the wings again...

To make the wings, make 2 rounding the edges as shown.  Attach them together so the "sides" of knots  

To get the wings to hold their shape I sprayed them with Stiffen Stuff from Beacon.  While it was damp I dusted the wings with Teal Micro Glitter by Stampendous making it heavier in the middle.  For photo purposes I wanted to show how to make the wings.  Taking a close up of the back was the best way to do show you this.  They are also airbrushed in the middle.

Airbrushing organza ribbon with your Copic Markers is possible.  The trick is heating it first.  The nylon fibers melt together which allows the ink to stick :)  To create a nice fade just lightly mist with alcohol and rub the ink through the ribbon.  It dries in a flash.  You can forego the spritzing of alcohol and have a bolder air brush look.

I added the air brushed pieces first.  I didn't want the color to harsh.  Instead, I wanted a soft look to the overall piece.  I kept  heating the different ribbons and filling in until the the skirt was nice and full. 

This was so much fun!  I was able to alter something, play with my ribbon and my Copic Markers.  Next on my list is to make a woodland fairy or maybe another altered cigar box with vintage flowers wheels won't stop spinning!!!

I have to tell you all the other wonderful designers that are in the final rounds are coming up with some really amazing ideas as well!   I know I was so impressed by all of their blogs as I hopped around.  I will be visiting them again and leaving them some love. Click Here to see the finalist.  You will get some serious inspiration from them :)


Colleen Holmes said...

Oh my gosh! This is totally gorgeous! Wowzie, that is amazing what you did with the ribbon with a little bit of heat! Hmmm Can I steal it for the mag???? LOL love ya and I really, really love this!

Kelly Neis said...

You have a ton of patience! The dress is amazing. I adore things like this and the way you curled those ribbons is gorgeous! I need to heat a few up and see what happens. lol Definately Cinderella!
Hugs Kelly

Rosie said...

Oh my word girl!!!!! This is over-the-top spectacular!! I'm in complete AWE!! You totally rocked that dress form!! I love it!!!

Ava Gavloski said...

rhea, my word, you took this to the top and yes Cinderella will be at the ball, enjoy the ride . thanks for sharing the deets, well done my friend.

roseflowerbooks said...

Rhea is my new fairy godmother! I call dibs. I love what you have done with the May Arts Ribbon! I hope you win. You would bring so much originality and creativity to their design team. Thank you for the tutorial. This inspires me to create something today.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Wonderfully and beautifully created altered dress form. I love all those rihbon details. That must have taken a long, long time, but it sure is worth the effort! Best of luck to you, too!

Paper Tails said...

This is absolutely stunning! I love the soft look and the way you designed your project. Good Luck!


Janis said... have made something exquisitely special here. I am in utter awe at the beauty of it.

What are the dimensions of your project? I was trying to figure that out from the width of your ribbons, etc but figured it was easier to ask you! :)

Thanks for all the tips on heating techniques on the sheer ribbon. What a gorgeous project!!!

<3 J

Penny said...

Wow, just spectacular, Rhea! Amazing! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Dawn Carlyle said...

This project is AMAZING - thanks for sharing all the tips on the ribbon - great information. Congrats on being a finalist!

Dame Jeanne Marie said...

This is absolutely amazing. I had no idea there were so many techniques to ribbon.

Barbara Thompson said...

Rhea, your project is beautiful! What a creative way to use ribbon! They are crazy if they don't choose you!!!!

Barbara Thompson said...

Rhea, your project is beautiful! What a creative way to use ribbon! They are crazy if they don't choose you!!!!

Barbara Thompson said...

Rhea, your project is beautiful! What a creative way to use ribbon! They are crazy if they don't choose you!!!!

Elena Olinevich said...

Gorgeous project, thank you for the inspiration and good luck

Dorinda K said...

Perfect, this is just what I needed.. Thank you soooo much.