Penguin Hugs

Ok, I have to admit this was so much fun to color!  Once again, I did not have a plan or any idea in mind.  I just picked up markers and started coloring the background.  I added BG's, B's, BV's, V's and even YG's.  Coloring on a glass mat made this process very easy to blend.  I then decided to add a little texture to the backgound giveing the appearance of very distance starts.  I added a few dots of white for brighter stars and white Nuvo Drops for a few snow dropslets coming and landing on the ice burg. 

As for the water which was the next step.  I had to keep in mind I had a night sky.  So light colors wouldn't do.  The water reflects the sky.  I went with BG53, 45, 59 with BG11.  I used tip to tip technique to bring the colors of the sky reflecting into the water. I also added the reflection onto the ice burgs.

Now look, Peguins are black, I was tired and I didn't want feel like putting reflection on them as well.  It would be easy enough to do. Just undercoat with a dark purple and remove the C9.  Go over the dark purple with C7 and the purple would come through the C7 like magic.  You could add BG53 where you would put C5 and then go over it with the C5 and it would be amazing.  On a glass mat and X-Press it paper the belending would be a breeze. 

Thank you for Stopping by today!


Verna Angerhofer said...

Wonderful scene and the penguins are so adorable.

Katia's colors said...

So beautiful