Hello, Rhea here today.  Do you know what happens when you put DoveArt Studios with Riley & Company together for a holloween card?  A true explination of me and spider webbs!!!
Ewwwwww...I hate them!  I just know that eight legged thing that built the web is on me and I can't see it.  It gives me the willies just thinking about it!
Tanya must feel the same way or how else could she have not come up with this sentiment.

Well, honestly there were not enough colors to do a Color Palette.  No seriously!
N1,3,5 BV20 and BG000
Crystal Sickles

For the border I use my old rectangle dies yo make a frame and then embossed it with an old mini dot embossing folder in my stash.  I took a .003 multiliner to dot around all embossed dot, then placed a small dot of BV20 in the center.  With a .8 multiliner I dotted inbetween each embossed dot.
The Sentiment was die cut then colored from dark to light with the same colors as the web and tied with twine. 

Shopping List:

Thank you for visting again today!  This was such a fun and easy project and still makes me laugh.

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Bunny said...

It's so true. We all become karate masters. I can just picture me in that position. I love this card and the sentiment. I bet there are so many people out there with some great scary spider stories. [Bunny]