Meet Monica from the House Mouse Family

Today I would like you to meet Monica from the House Mouse® Family.  I have a tutorial on how to color Monica with Copic Markers.  

Everyone, meet Monica.  She is gray with a teeny, tiny body and big feet!  She tends to be sweet and innocent and charming. Maxwell doesn't want his little sister to know just how precious he thinks she is.  Here she is wrapping a birthday present for a special friend because she is so sweet and thoughtful.

Skin tone on the mice are just like people.
  1. With E50 color the face, hands, feet and inside ears
    1. Make sure to go into the fur area.  You don't want a line.  You will also bring the fur down into the skin tone to give a natural look.
  2. With E51 add shading around eyes, inside ears, hands where fur meets and feet where fur meets.
  3. With E04 use tip to tip with E50 to lightly add color to cheeks, nose and inside ears.  you can also add a nice little shadow to hands and feet.
  4. With BV20 use tip to tip with E50 and add shadows to feet and hands.  Now lightly add shadow to each side of the nose.
  5. With BV20 only go back and lightly add shadow in the darker areas of feet and inside ears.

Fur is important.  With the mice the lines are drawn which will make it easier.  You will color making a flicking motion.  "light" flicking back and forth

The other thing that is important is to color everything around the mouse before you color the mouse it's self.  It is furry.  If you color the mouse first you will loose the fur outside of the body when you color what is behind it.  You will see when you color it.
  1. With T1 "flick" lightly back and fourth and go outside the lines.  Leave white paper showing
  2. With T3 "Flick" lightly in your shadows to start bringing them to life
  3. With T5 "Flick" lightly" more shadows in smaller areas then blend with T3 and T1.  You should be "flicking" all the time.  The darker areas now are becoming fully saturated with color and that is ok.  You should still be seeing some of the white paper in the lighter areas.
  4. With T7 "DOT" deeper shadows only in very small areas to add deep contrast.  Then "DOT" T5 to blend into the rest of the body repeat with T3 if needed.
They really are quick and easy to color and so very, very sweet.  I will be bringing the other members of Monica's family to you over the next several weeks. I will be sharing their Copic Colors and a little about their personalities as well.  Happy coloring!


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Penny said...

Totally darling, Rhea! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Dawn Carlyle said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! It is sooo helpful and the little mouse is adorable :-)

Kelly Neis said...

Fabulous image and thank you for the tutorial.
Hugs Kelly

Barry Percy said...

Hi Rhea,

Just wanted to tell you what an awesome posting and project. We love what you have done with Monica, she almost looks 3 dimensional.

Barry, Nicole and Ellen
House-Mouse Designs®

StampendousGraphics said...

This is just incredible, Rhea, and your tutorial is perfection! Thanks so much for sharing your boundless talent with our team!!