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You will find this amazing team posting over at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends Facebook Group.  I have personally hand-selected each of these wonderful ladies for their dedication and talent.

Now I am proud to introduce you to them...

Wait, this is me! you can visit the "About' page to get to know me.  This is my blog...Welcome!

Corinne  - Design Team Leader and Assistant Marketing Coordinator!  My Right Hand.  Corinne lives in Ohio!  You can see more of Corinne's Stunning work at 

Ruby - Gotta love Ruby!  She always makes us laugh and often shake our heads!  You never know what she is going to do next.  Do not let anything get in the way of her sports, not even crafting.  I know right?!  You are shaking your head, aren't you?  She lives in the Chicago area and so talented.  You can see more of amazing work at

Shell :) She loves to color, crochet, paper craft, refinish furniture and quilt just to name a few. WOW you should see some of the pic's she takes. If that isn't enough she is also an artist and has her own Etsy Digi Store.  Shell is married and has three Beautiful girls!  Shell is also the Weekend DT Leader
you can see more of her beautiful work at -

Robin :) - She lives in Maryland with her wonderful husband,  beautiful daughter, and adorable son.  They like being out in nature and that is where a lot of her inspiration comes from.  Robin was another one of my students in Maryland.  She attended my class and was new to Copic Markers, but, I would have never guessed!  What talent she had, a natural!  It was that weekend I asked her to become part of my team!
You can see her lovely work on her blog:

Irene, She is the life of the party. I even stayed the weekend at her house in Ohio when I came to see her and her twin Corinne.  This one you have to watch out for!  She is a prankster.  But, I forgive her for spraying me with a water bottle to wake me up....her dedication and talent, as well as her sweet loving nature, makes up for the little devil inside her.
You can see all her inspiration at her blog:

Angela, how sweet can one person be?  I don't think she has it in her to say anything negative about another human being.  She's been married to her husband for 8 years, and together for 12.  They have 2 children that are quite upsets her to point that out.  Toby is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix and their newest baby is 3 months old chihuahua.  As much as I adore Angela when she told me she has been paper crafting since she graduated high school in 1998....I suddenly felt "OLDer".
She claims crafting is an addiction.....Angela, my love, we all have the same addiction and there is nothing to be done about it.  Just keep crafting!
You can see all her inspiration on her blog:

Lisa,  Ok, Lisa, Corinne and I may get into some trouble together...just sayin!  Drum roll please   
First of all, Rhea thank you for this wonderful opportunity. 
I am a longtime crafter. And have been working in the arts and crafts business for approximately 9 years. I am a grandmother of 3 beautiful little girls. I have 2 wonderful fur babies and 1 amazing Husband. 
And I like a glass of 🍷, 🍺 or 🍸 occasionally 😊
Glad to be here....She has Uber tattooed on her hand.
You can see all her inspiration on her blog:

Jane is so sweet and has tried for a long time to attend one of my classes.  Here is a little bit about her.  Been married for 10 years, have 5 grandchildren and I am still trying to find myself.
Have crafted since before I can remember, crocheting, knitting, painting, and drawing.  Was introduced to card making and Copics in 2016 and have never looked back.  Working with Rhea is a dream come true.

Hello Tanja Charles from Raleigh NC.  Crafter of over 10 years. Love working with Copic markers and colored pencils.  I have found a love for altered art.  I'm known for my quirky sense of humor and love of ALL things sugar skulls.  And I have to say Tanja totally cracks me up.  I am so happy to have her on my team!  
Let me tell you a she does have a quirky sense of humor and loves horror movies!  She is cray cray!  I love her!

I'm a native New Yorker living in New Jersey. I've been papercrafting since June 27, 2000 and stamping since July 2001. My style is "layered clean eclectic” with themes that range from edgy to whimsical depending on my mood. 
I use stamps, Copic markers, inks, stencils, dies, paints, and other media to create cards, tags, journal pages, and home decor items.  
Kathi is so well rounded when it comes to crafting.  She is sweet and a little quiet.  We will need to do something about that. 

My name is Olivia and I live in New Jersey.  I am a mommy of three girls who keep my running and busy all the time. Starting crafting in 2008 and love all things about it. My favorite crafty things to do are to create layouts and cards.  You can usually find on my couch coloring at least one thing a night (cause Netflix is evil). I work as a Social Worker at a local hospital and proud UNC alumni and basketball FANATIC.

Nicolette:  Is an independent Copic and paper crafts instructor.  She is a mother to two grown daughters and a nana to a stinkin' adorable grandson who loves to craft and color right alongside her.  I have known Nic for several years and just adore her kind and extremely sweet nature.  I honestly don't think she has a mean bone in her tiny body.  She is a very strong woman and, oh my is her laugh contagious!  She is quiet, but when she speaks it's pretty funny.  Loving Nic is easy...who wouldn't!

I have to tell you all that we laugh so hard together.  We are more than a Design Team.  We are a sisterhood.  We poke fun at each other with gif's. We chat through pm's and just laugh and laugh.  I know this is my design team but it is truly the best team I have ever been on!!!  Laid back easy going and we all want the same thing.  It is so amazing!  These ladies are the best ever!

If you would ever like to be considered for the design team for my Facebook Group Passionate paper Creations and Friends.  You may contact me at  Please put PPCF DT in the subject line.  

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