Design Team

You will find this amazing team here posting on PPC and over at
Passionate Paper Creations and Friends Facebook Group.  I have personally hand selected each of these wonderful ladies for their dedication and talent.
Now I am proud to introduce you to them...

Wait, this is me! you can visit the "About' page to learn more than you probabaly want to know.
This is my blog...Welcome!

Corinne  - Design Team Leader and Assistant Marketing Coordinator!  My Right Hand.  Corinne lives in Ohio!
You can see more of Corinne's Stunning work at

Dorinda - Assistant Design Team Leader and my Left Hand!  Dorinda lives in Arkansas, yes she has a southern accent and we love it!
You can see more of Dorinda's stunning work at

Ruby - Gotta love Ruby!  She always makes us laugh!  She lives in the Chicago area and so talented.
You can see more of amazing work at

Nancy! - I love Nancy....she started out as a student and never missed a class.  Now she is stuck with  She is living in Maryland.  She is one determined colorist always pushing to color outside her comfort zone :)  You can find more of her amazing work at

Shelly :) - We became friends on PPCF doing color alongs.  She lives in Canada and came to New York to take a class and it was friendship at first site.   You can find more of her lovely work at

Charlene :) - She lives in Arizona, and we were great friends 
from the the very moment we met.
You can find more of her lovely work at

Leadonna! - She lives in North Carolina. I have known her for years,
we worked together on Dt's and her quick wit and eye for design is amazing. 
 You can find more of her lovely work at

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