My Creative Scoop - Christmas Morning with Scrappers Delight

Here is why I love Mindy's online classes.
1.  She makes them easy to follow to help the beginning Copic Colorist.
2. She takes her time with each step and talks you through everything she is doing.  Which a good teacher does!  She helps you to understand and that is key for learning, especially if you are just beginning to use Copic Markers.
3. Each step has it's very own video!  Now that is perfect.  You can take your time learning.
4.  Her philosophy is the same as mine.  Just because as teachers we use certain colors doesn't mean you have to.  I didn't!
5.  If you are an advanced colorist, you can still learn!  And you can make her class your own style. I learn something new with each class.  It's a matter of listening carefully to Mindy.  You pick up on little things she says and tips she does. 

Yes, I can color!  Can I draw? No way!  Do I want to learn to? Yes!  Do I look at an image and can I see a scene?  Sometimes I can and sometimes I can not.  I am trying to step outside my comfort box!  Have I just shared my weaknesses with you?  Of course!  I am not perfect and neither is any other colorist out there I don't care who they are. 

What did I learn from this class?
1.  I've never done an indoor scene before.  This is my first!
2.  Free handing an indoor Christmas tree.  Did I do it like Mindy? No...but I watched and learned and said to my self, self, I can do this.  She said in passing she wanted to add ornaments and the word stickles.  Well, I have every Nuvo Drop on the market so I did just that.
3. HAIR!  OMGOSH!  I hate coloring hair.  But the light bulb finally came on.  I use to be able to do it so well and somewhere along the way I picked up a bad habit and lost it. 

What did I do differently?
1.  I added a pattern to the wall.  See, I can't draw a straight line to save my life :)
2.  I added a baseboard
3.  I added a velvet tree skirt with a fuzzy edging
4.  I made a night sky instead of a day sky.  The scene felt like Christmas Eve to me.  No presents under the tree.  Santa had not arrived yet and she was only opening one present.  To me, that is our tradition. 

Color the class exactly like she does if you are a beginner.  Then challenge yourself to change something.  If you are advanced.  Take the class and make it your very own and see what you come up with.  

I challenge you!

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Carmen said...

Love your take on the picture and your tips. Your card is so beautiful and your blog post so inspiring. Thank you for sharing :) Hugs.