Whimsy - Crab Cranson

Doesn't it make you a little crabby when you forget someone's birthday!  Say, like your parents, kid, brother or sister.  Yup, it does me!  I have to put it on my computer calendar and set a reminder a month ahead of time, then two weeks, then a week and then two days before.  That's when the sticky note goes on the computer.  But, I get busy and still forget to call or get the card in the mail.

As organized as I am that is one thing I am bad about.  I have to ask my husband how old I am!  That is why when I saw Crabby Cranson, I knew exactly what I wanted to use him for!  And I knew Whimsy Sentiments that were perfect!

So here is the plan....I am going to keep this card.  Then just email it to everyone in advance and say I am sorry but you know I will forget to call or send a card so here!  Deal with it.  I love you and that is all that matters.

Now, I used Basic Stitched Ovals Die Set and the backround water was layered with Making Waves Stencil using VersaMagic Ink and a Chinesse White pencil to bring out the highlights.  I then used Clear tonic drops in clear.  Then yellow on the paper to make it look embossed.

I really had fun with this card.  This old crab is a keeper!


Verna Angerhofer said...

A cute card and a great design for any age. I love the sentiment as well and yes, I think all of us have forgotten a birthday occasionally.

Aileen said...

Love this card Rhea at least you can relax knowing you are not the only one. I never remember and even bought a stamp for inside my cards that says
'Your Birthday came,
Your Birthday went,
Here's the card

I use it a lot. I am trying a new system for next year to see if I can do better but love making sorry I forgot cards. That crabs face says it all and I love the extra sentiment at the bottom - or is it my..... Brilliant