Unbreakable Bond - New Release by Whimsy

Unbreakable Bond is right.  This amazing clear stamp set is new by Whimsy Stamps.  It is so awesome.  I mean seriously GiGi is my 2lb shadow.  I swear if I leave the room she is hot on my heals.  If I lay down, she lays down.  If I am sitting up she is in my lap or at my feet under my desk.

I swear she watches me out of the corner of her eye even when she is playing with her tons of toys.  And yes even at 2lbs she will protect me...lol.  she will bark so loud your eardrums will burst.

The background is actually a background stamp from Whimsy with a coordinating stamp set.  This little set allows you to customize your background however you like.   It is truly a must-have!

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Nancy said...

This is absolutely beautiful. As I dog lover, I have just added the stamps to my wish list. I can think of several possible recipients. I love the little hearts down the side or the main image. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.