Cheers from Vanilla Arts

Cheers from Vanilla Arts! I have chosen Vanilla Arts as the exclusive online classes of Passionate Paper Creations and Friends.  Amy has education in art and draws her own images.  She also does a monthly Power Poppy Live Class on Patron.  She is truly talented.  she has beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

I have to admit that as a teacher myself, it was so awesome to become the student!  Talk about therapy!  And taking me outside my comfort zone...I am addicted because I found it to be so therapeutic for me.  Did I do it exactly like Amy did?  No.  Did I use the same colored pencils?  No.  Did I highlight the exact same way she did? No.  But, it is the fundamentals and the concepts of what she was teaching. I do not want to color exactly like another person.  I am me and I color like me. 

I can certainly see my errors in shading.  And that is good because I learned something.  Actually, I learned a lot.  So, basically, I found my therapy!  It coloring something I wouldn't normally color and in a way, I wouldn't normally do it.  It is awesome!

So Cheers!  

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Aileen said...

What an amazing job you have done on these glasses of wine. Love the colouring and shadows and where you are coming from. Amy is a fabulous teacher and I wish I lived in the country so I could come to her classes. Such an inspiration.

Your talent truly shines through having picked up from Amy then gone with your style. Well done.