I think I am smarter than a 5th grader!

Hello again, Rhea here and I just figured out that I am actually smarter than a 5th grader.  I can use my head for more than my favorite baseball cap and I love to engineer things that organize and save money and space! 

Let me tell you a little story.  While at Advanced Boot Camp this past weekend I saw this amazing cart from IKEA with a really cool holder for her Copic Markers from TJandThings.  I mean it was awesome.  The only problem is, I travel so much for teaching it wouldn't work for me.  As I looked at the cart several times I kept thinking I could put my refills on the other two shelves.  Well, they have holders for those as well.  And they are fabulous, let me tell you!  But with as much work as I do with my Copics I can't have any wasted space and I don't need to remove the refills.  But at this point, I was still going to purchase them.  

I come home and as usual, my brain works its best as I am sleeping.  Or Kathy my imaginary friend from childhood tells me these ideas...whatever, it works!  

So here we go.....

On the top where I have to have my case, I have no skid lining on the edges.  Ok, that right there makes me smart right! hahahahahahah.  As you go to the second shelf I started lining up the refills and cut spacers with the cardboard inserts that were in the packaging of the cart.  Yeah, baby recycle!
Then I started lining those puppies up tight, with a spacer that was tightly cut and 2" high in between each row.

Now, don't look too closely because you will notice they go from right to left...really...I'm left handed.

If you believe that excuse you are not a genius either.
For now, it stays!  And yes they are backward for a reason.  They are easier to grab when I need them...I am able to read upside down and backward too :)

By doing it the way I did, I was able to get all but 4 rows of refills leaving me with additional storage! 
I now have my scale to refill, all my cleaning stuff, and extra teaching supplies + leftover supplies 

This is the best part for me.  If you know me, you know I am Mr. Magoo and can not see up to 6 feet in front of me without my glasses.  Now they are eye level and I can see EVERYTHING SO EASY!  It gets better....the extra space where to box sits stores my Copic things I don't use all the time like extra markers, refills for my multi-liners, nibs, and rubber bands for my classes, extra cotton swabs, and baby Q-Tips.  

So for 24.99 + 10.00 for shipping I finally have the perfect Copic Organization in "LIKE FOREVER!"

I just had to share this with all of you and hope you get some inspiration from it.  Organization is my 2nd therapy.  Now someone tell me where my Y35 is!  It didn't come home from Arizona.


Crystal Ramos said...

Love this idea.

Barbara Thompson said...

You rock with the organizing Rhea! Was great to see you last weekend!

Jacki Daniels said...

grand Idea xx

Kelli Hull said...

WOWZERS!!!!!!! This is AWESOME! Now I must go see this TJandThings!

Laurel Giard said...

I'd love to see what it looks like without the markers to see what it looks like

Rhea Weigand said...

Laurel, go to IKEA website and search cart. You will see it. It is 24.99. It comes in 3 colors, white, black and I think orange. Kelli, yes for sure go to TJandThings if you don't travel with your markers. I did not use any of their products but I do like them a lot! I travel too much so it didn't work for me.
Barbara - Loved, loved, loved seeing you last weekend too! You know exactly where I got my brainstorm from. lol

Sandra said...

Amazing! I travel like you, albeit for a different reason, we are full time rvers. I would like to know where you purchased the case you have your markers in. It would simplify my life on the road.