Getting Started With Resin. Warning, it's addictive!

Hello fellow bloggers,

I've been playing with resin again and lot's of it!  Over the next several weeks I am going to be sharing different ideas on things you can do with my favorites Stampendous, Spellbinder's Media Mixage Bezels, and Ice Resin.

I thought I would get the resin series started with a  easy project and some important tips.  Yes, this is an easy project just takes time.

The most important step is sealing!  You will be very disappointed when you pour your resin if you have not sealed almost everything going into your bezel.  Trust me, I know :(  Here are some sealing tips;
  • Paper - make sure it is sealed front, back and sides.  Resin will find it's way into any areas not sealed.  the resin will make your paper transparent or ikie looking.  I like to use Fast Finish Decoupage and white glue that will dry clear.  You can also use Glossy Accents or a like product such as Aleene's Paper Glaze.  Clear packing tape is also popular.
  • Embossed Pieces - Seal Them too

Here we go:

  • Picture A
  • Picture B
    • With Fast Finish Decoupage seal both sides of papers.  Let dry
    • Apply glue inside of bezel.  Enough that when you smooth the paper into the bezel glue will ooze around all of the edges.
    • With you finger, smooth the glue as evenly as possible around the edges of the paper and bezel.  This is the point where I like to dampen my finger a little.  Now repeat smoothing the glue over the entire surface.  Doing this reminds me of caulking the tub or sink...LOL.  You are basically doing the same thing with the edge of paper and your bezel.
    • Let this dry completely until it is absolutely clear.  I left it overnight.
    • Do the same process for the small circle bezel.
  • Picture C
    • Add Champagne Glass Glitter, carefully place in desired areas
    • Add Bronze Glass Glitter, carefully place in desired areas
    • Not shown is the triangle bezel.  This was a last minute add to my project.  It is filled 1/2 way with Champagne Glass Glitter only.
    • Do the same for the small circle bezel.

MIXING AND POURING RESIN - Don't be afraid of resin.  It is so easy to mix and pour.  The directions are simple and easy to understand.  I am going to refer you to the package directions for this part :)  Check out this VIDEO on using the Ice Resin Syringe.

My project has 2 layers of resin.  You are at the point now where you would add your first layer of resin only filling about 1/2 of the bezel.  You will set aside to cure for at least 6 hours.  I always let mine cure over night.  You will do the same for the small circle and the triangle bezels.

Now, we need to move onto the next step....

  • Picture A
    • For this step you will need
      • Cream card stock
      • Quilling tool
      • Aged Gold Embossing Powder by Stampendous
      • Champagne Glass Glitter by Stampendous
    • Now that the first layer of resin is dry we can work on the 2nd layer
  • Picture B
    • Cut very thin slivers of cream card stock about 6" long.
    • Quill them into swirls as shown
    • Cover front and back with Versa Mark.  Dip in Aged Gold embossing powder.
      • use tweezers to hold when heating
      • you may want to repeat process until you have desired look
    • Seal the swirls with Fast Finish Decoupage.  Let Dry
  • Picture C
    • Once dry, arrange swirls in the large bezel only.
    • Add a little more Champagne Glass Glitter to both  circle bezels.  
    • Add a little Bronze Glass Glitter to both circle bezels.
    • Add a second layer of resin to all three bezels
      • Notice how everything is magnified again!
      • Set aside for 6-8 hours to let cure
Once it is dry, add your rings and ribbon.  It really is easy.  It just takes time to dry in between each step.


Stéphanie Beauchemin said...

gorgeous, can't wait to try it too!

Kelly Neis said...

I am amazed at how easy it seems from your tutorial and how gorgeous the bezels are when you are done!
I really love this Rhea!
Hugs Kelly

McStamper said...

Wow, so beautiful. Thanks so much for the great info. I have been wanting to try my hand but a little intimidated. Thanks for a chance to win the great supplies. I follow your blog by email and I am a FB Fan.

Paula Collins said...

I love how you did the faux medal with paper!

Ava Gavloski said...

thanks for all the tips and the deets on how to get the look for this lovely design. I have my US mailing address all ready to have the karma genie visit!!! smile
I can see why with your design how addictive it can be!!!

LaVerne Mulvey said...

This bezel is beautiful. Thought it came with the wire already inside it, ready to go. Was very surprised is was faux wire and made with paper! Your tutorial is awesome and very easy to follow and makes me think even I could make something this beautiful. I follow your blog and also your on facebook and look forward to you next project.

paper fun said...

Rhea, This is gorgeous. You have inspired me to play with resin.

I am following you via e-mail and liked your Facebook. Is that how you follow on Facebook? I reside in Moore Oklahoma,USA.

Thanks for such a great blog candy and the fabulous tutorial.

Iris said...

Very pretty. I follow you via email and also like you on Facebook.

Chris Gualazzi said...

Very beautiful! Love what you did with the cream paper too.

tina said...

not very much about this on the internet...thank you ''i am following your blog by email and liked you on facebook. tfs

Sabrina said...

Oh how beautiful!! You really do make it sound and look very easy!! I just might have to try this!! I follow your blog and facebook!! Thank you for giving me a chance to win!!

Julie A. Shearer said...

How beautiful !! Thank you for sharing . I am a new follower thru google reader and on FB. Thanks again
hugs , Julie

Penny said...

Another beautiful project, Rhea! So nice of you to give everyone directions for it! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Dame Jeanne Marie said...

I would absolutely love to try this technique !! I have been eyeing the ice resin for a while...just has me a little nervous.
And yes, I am following you (in a good way)!

NWFlamingo said...

This looks like a "bunch 'o fun"! I'm a follower, or actually you hang out in my e-mail all the time!

beth said...

I just followed your FB page and since I very recently have becomed obsessed with Ice Resin, I have been combing the net for more ideas, and your design is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win some loot!

Barb said...

This is totally awesome, and gorgeous! I can't wait to play with the resin. Your directions are clear and simple. Oh, I am following you on FB... I liked your page but need to go back and follow:) Have a fabulous day and congrats to the very lucky winner!

Sue D said...

This is gorgeous and thanks for all the tips and instruction details.
I am a follower.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Renee M said...

Thanks for all the great info--I would never have thought to ink up the bezel to stamp it to easily cut its shape out. And I was so surprised to read that was paper, not wire, swirled around in the pendant! Good to know about covering the piece up while it dries--don't need any grumpy cats. And the way my big dogs are shedding, I'd wind up with dog hair in my pendant if it wasn't covered as it dried :)

Barbara Thompson said...

Beautiful project as usual Rhea! Love those Bezels and glitter! Would love to try them!!