More Die Tips

Rhea here to bring you a simple and elegant little card using Spellbinders Delight Dies.  These little dies are a new addition to the Spellbinder Collection this year.  They are are amazing and very affordable!!! 

This die is Medallion 1D-Lites

I choose to not cut out the shape of the die but just the details inside my card center.  This is one of the reasons I love these little dies so much.  You can cut the center only on a large piece of cardstock and use it as a throw away stencil :)  Yes, these are very intricate dies...No worries!  Don't forget the tip I gave you a couple of weeks ago. 
  • Mist the back of the paper with water
  • Cut/emboss
  • Leave paper in die
  • Use heat gun to heat dry the "back side" of the paper
  • Paper will come out a lot easier and your emboss will be deeper
If you prefer to use wax paper that will help as well.  Some people use baby powder to sprinkle the die first.  I use corn starch.  It is more grainy and helps to release the wax paper better which helps release the card stock.  Remember, anything you put between the die and your card stock will effect the depth of your emboss and your cuts.  So here is a little tip for that.....

Sometimes intricate does don't cut all the grooves :(  if you rotate your die and paper 90 degrees and run it again it should work.  This could also be because you have a warped cutting matt.  Or a heavy used area.  Make sure to turn and flip boards and replace them from time to time.  I have a set just for intricate dies.  And save the really old junky ones for the simple shape dies.

I've also heard there are products on the market to prep your dies with....
I am investigating!  I will report back soon. 

I hope these little tips help.

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Penny said...

Really gorgeous card, Rhea! Love the combination of color & pattern! Love your design & gorgeous die cuts, too! :^)
Hugs, Penny