Jumbo Sunflower Tutorial for Stampendous

Hello, Rhea here again this week to share another Stampendous tutorial with you!  This week is packed with tips!  Learn how to use the new Jumbos Flowers with Template from Stampendous, Dry Brush with Distress Inks, a little tip Fran-tage, and I even included a card pattern. :)

But there is more...I would love for you to share your card pattern too!  There are more details below!!!

Ok, let's get started!

 I was inspired by a video posted by Scrapbooking Made Simple.  It was fun to watch Stacy and her giggles were contagious.  So here you go with my version.

 You will need the Jumbo Sunflower by Stampendous which comes with it's own templates.  Great tip from Stacy was to mark the templates this side up!!!

I also used Aged Gold, Clear Lemon and Nutmeg embossing powders with Chrystal Micro Glitter.

 I forgot to take a picture of using the inner sunflower :(  So I will explain.  It's easy, position the template and with Versa Mark pat the area.  You can see it in the picture.  Then with my fingers I sprinkles a little of each of the above listed embossing powders AND micro glitter.  Then heated :)

Next, take the template that is the shape of the sunflower and position it.  With a finger dauber and Walnut Stain and Mustard Seed lightly work the colors off all the edges of the template.  I started with Walnut stain and then mustard seed taking the mustard seed out farther to give depth.

Stamp the sunflower into the empty shape.  It's easy to line up but don't worry about being perfect!  Art isn't perfect :)  Color wash the sunflower peddles  with Mustard seed first.  Next with wild honey.  For the flower centers I used walnut stain, forrest moss and wild honey.

To apply the color you will lightly load your applicator with color.  Barely touch your image and brush from the inside of the pedal out.  Do not go all the way to the tip of the pedal.  You just want to add a hint of color.  Next you will go to your wild honey.  With this color you will add just a smidge of color from the inside of the pedal out.  This is your shading color.  For the center of the flower do 3/4 with walnut stain then a circle with forrest moss and then a smaller circle with wild honey leaving a small white circle as a highlight.

Remember, this is just like chalking and is only meant to add hints of color.

For the dry brushing/color washing I use mini sponge applicators and I feel these very important.  It looks like an eye make up applicator and there are 2 kinds that are perfect.  They can be found at JoAnn's and Sofft Art Sponges online.  These applicators have the same sponge tip as a finger dauber which allows the color washing to glide smoothly.  If you use a cheeper version such as one from the dollar store brand you will not be happy with your results as the color will skip and be uneven.  They are also the most cost effective applicators as well as I like to dedicate 1 per color.  I want to keep my colors "True."

Here is the pattern.  If you double click on the picture you can enlarge it.
cut a piece of pattern paper 6"x10"
on one side 
score @ 2" and make it 2" long
score @ 4" and make it 4" long
flip the card
score @ 2" and make it 2" long
score @ 4" and make it 4" long
flip the card
make cut from the 2" score line and make it a total of 4" long
Flip the card
make cut from the 2" score line and make it a total of 4" long
All top folds are mountains and all bottom folds are valley
The finished card will be a 6x6

Almost done....
Now, take the template that has then center cut out and position it around the stamped colored image. Cover it with Versa Mark then detailed clear embossing powder and heat.  Repeat with the other sunflower.

With Aleene's paper glaze or glossy accents it time to make your centers.  I smeared my paper glaze where I wanted my centers.  Added my Fragments and crushed glass glitter with a dusting of crystal micro glitter.

Fragments and Elements used: Bronzed Mica Fragments, Hunter Fragment, Bronze Crushed Glass, Champaign Crushed Glass

Ok, now I decided to I wanted to add aged gold embossing powder.  I sprinkled it over my crusty goodness and heated it from underneath!  It bubbled and popped and the powder melted and it was AWESOME!!!!  The best part when it cooled the paper glaze was dry!  For Reals!!!  I was so excited I think I squealed.  I loved the effect of having just a dab of embossing aged gold on the top of all the elements.  I am going to have to do that again.

So there you have it my friends.  A long tutorial, I know, but I think it was worth it.  And I hope you did to.

Now I would love to have YOU share with me your card pattern!!!!!  

I am going to add a page to my blog...It's already there waiting to add your pattern!!!! 

If you have an awesome pattern you want to share and you have it on your blog with an easy to follow instructions with photos I may just add it to my page. If you are selected your pattern will be linked to your name and your blog.  I will post from an html from your blog.  I will not take credit at any time for your pattern.  If I use your pattern to design for one of my teams I will give you full credit for the pattern and link that pattern back to your blog.  Sound Fair????  Awesome!!!


Kasey ~ in Oz said...

Rhea this is such an awesome tutorial, I really should get back into doing some messy and creative stuff like this. Gorgeous.


Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Awesome card Rhea! I love your shading around the sunflowers - so lovely!

Loly Borda-Towery said...

Fabulous tutorial and gorgeous card!TFS

ednamburgess said...

Such a great idea! I think I have that stamp and will try to make the card fold the way you have. Thanks for the template. Edna